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Austrian tax Authorities are intensifying the VAT refund application checks

Austrian tax Authorities are intensifying the VAT refund application checks

Based on our current observations during the processing of VAT applications, we noticed that Austria, as a country from which our customers apply for a refund of overpaid VAT, has recently returned very often after sending the application for additional information.

Where do the current intensified controls come from? and What are the consequences and how should you proceed?


A tax office inspection is a natural phenomenon because the tax office checks whether the company applying for a refund is entitled to it. The customer’s profile is verified, invoices attached to the application are checked, sometimes customers are asked to send originals.


As a rule, the consequences of the audit do not significantly affect the final positive outcome of the VAT refund for transport companies. However, we would like to remind you that further proceedings depend on cooperation and timely submission of the requested documents. The deadlines for sending the documents are quite short.

FastVAT advises you:

As a long-term and trusted VAT agent, from the moment of receiving information, he accompanies the client until the moment of resolving the case. Providing clear guidelines on what to take into account in order to obtain a positive decision. Language is also a barrier from our experience. Officially, English is recognised in communication, but we know from experience that German-speaking offices react more quickly to communication in their own language.

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