New and important updates on Wagweu (Posting drivers in The Netherlands)

As Move Expert is closely following up the latest updates coming from the Dutch government concerning the WagwEU minimum wage law’s obligations applying to the transport sector, we are receiving daily new information about the requirements that would allow our clients to be compliant with the new Dutch rules.

In order for you to fully understand what the new WagwEU obligations will be about, we have prepared a short FAQ.

You are also welcome to contact your local Move Expert contact for any clarification:

Q: Is a representative necessary in the Netherlands?

A: As per our latest news, the contact person required by the Dutch authorities could be the driver himself. Nevertheless, Move Expert service provides you with professional representation and makes your company compliant with the new rules. You do not need to worry as Move Expert takes care of everything on your behalf.

Q: Is there an official grace period up to 1st September 2020, during which non-compliant transport companies will not be fined for missing declaration?

A: YES. The Dutch authorities have confirmed that no fines will be imposed until the 1st of September 2020 if a party has not fulfilled its duty to notify.

Q: What documents to be kept in the truck?

A: There is actually no pdf version of the certificates to be kept in the truck by the drivers. The certificates are confirmed by a reference n. which will be sent to the client via email by the declaration’s website itself as soon as declarations are issued as well as by Move Expert along with a pdf print of the declaration created from the website, as a proof that declaration has been made and so that you can check the data in it. The reference n. + pdf print will also be available in your client account starting from next week.

Feel free to get in touch with your local contact if you have any question.

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