BRITTANY FERRIES – Reminder of on-board instructions

Cabin accommodation on-board ship

Wherever possible, and in accordance with cabin availability, we endeavour to allocate one cabin per vehicle (two drivers travelling in the same vehicle will usually be expected to share a cabin).

If drivers wish to upgrade their cabin type, they should report to the information desk on board ship where a waiting-list will be created on a first-come first-served basis.  A charge may be applied for any upgrade.

On certain sailings cabin availability may be limited and in such cases, drivers will be asked to share with a colleague. In general, only drivers from the same company will be required to share a cabin, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Your driver will be advised at check-in if they will be required to share a cabin on board ship. In the event that your driver is not prepared to share, embarkation may be refused.

Under no circumstances are drivers/co-drivers permitted to remain in their vehicles on board and for safety reasons, access to the garage decks is strictly forbidden during the crossing, unless accompanied by a member of the crew. Brittany Ferries reserves the right to refuse shipment to anyone not complying with these safety instructions.

Connection to electricity supply on board ship

Any requirement to connect the vehicle to the ship’s electrical supply during the crossing must be advised at booking stage. Refrigerated vehicles are under not permitted run their diesel compressor motors during the crossing, the shipper must ensure that their vehicle is fitted with the appropriate characteristics compliant with on board systems. The ship’s crew will oversee the plugging-in process but under the responsibility and control of the driver. The latter will assure by his own means the correct functioning of the fridge motor and that the correct temperature is set.  Availability of the plug-in facility is offered in accordance with the number of available plug-in points on board ship and the arrival time of the vehicle at the port of departure.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions,
Move Expert Team

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