Cargo Info – No Extra Fuel Surcharge from 29 April 2022

Temporary Bunker and Fuel (BAF) surcharge

The new temporary bunker surcharge, that was introduced 17 March 2022, will only take effect if the average of BRENT oil exceeds 120 USD/bbl.

The average price for BRENT oil during the period from 14 April to 27 April shows an average of 107.39 USD/bbl.

This means that no extra BAF will be collected for the next two weeks, starting 29 April.

The new monitoring period will start 28 April and end 11 May and a new BAF surcharge will enter into force only if the BRENT oil average price exceeds 120 USD/bbl. The new BAF level for the next two weeks is announced on 12th of May.

We will keep you informed of any updates.

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