COVID-19 : New government measure in Greece

Dear clients,

Further to the latest decision released by the Greek Government, decision for the prevention of the COVID-19, spread, new measures valid from until 31/05/2020  will be in force regarding residential restriction of all individuals, entering our country from abroad.

According to the announcement, all individuals working in the international land, air and sea transport services, regardless of nationality, must, after entering the country, without delay, either cross it, or head to their destination and then enter temporary self-isolation for a period of fourteen (14) days. However, in the event that employees are required to operate a new international route within the above period, the restriction shall be lifted.

Following this measure and by virtue of its immediate implementation, the professional drivers/co-drivers of trucks that are about to board the ship will be asked, their personal data which will be filled in this specific form onboard, which will be submitted in time to the port authorities prior the vessel’s arrival at the Patras or Igoumenitsa’s port.

All passengers, professional truck drivers/co-drivers have to complete this form (before their embarkation) and submit to the Patras’ or Igoumenitsa’s port Authorities, upon the vessel’s arrival.

Please inform all your professional truck drivers / co-drivers to fill in very carefully and accurately all the required fields of the specific forms, preferably in advance, in order to avoid significant delays during the Port Authorities’ controls.

If you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact us ,

Move Expert Team,

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