Covid-19 : New government regulations for UK

From 4 am on Saturday 6 November, the UK government has implemented immigration powers which mean that all non-British national or resident travellers, including freight drivers who had been in or through Denmark in the last 14 days will now be denied entry upon arrival in the UK.

Also, any British national travellers, including freight drivers, who arrive in England after travelling from or through Denmark in the last 14 days must self-isolate along with their household for 14 days.

The move follows the release of further information from health authorities in Denmark reporting widespread outbreaks of coronavirus in mink farms, with a variant strain of the virus spreading to some local communities.

The UK government has said that the travel ban and expanded self-isolation requirements will be reviewed after 7 days and we will keep you posted with any changes.

For more information please visit the government’s website.

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