Mobility Package return of trucks obligation not compliant with European Green Deal objectives

On July 15, 2020, the European Parliament adopted Mobility Package I, a wide-ranging set of initiatives to address key challenges affecting European transport and mobility. One of the main Mobility Package new rules, the return obligation for lorries in their home country and the cabotage quotas on international combined transport operations, have been criticised since the adoption of the Mobility Package.

In this context, the European Commission published the results of two studies that were commissioned to assess the expected impacts of these two specific aspects of Mobility Package I the mandatory return of trucks to their country of establishment every 8 weeks and the application of cabotage quotas on international combined transport operations.  The conclusions of both studies clearly show that the new regulations in both areas will have a negative impact on the environment and that they are not in line with the European Green Deal objectives,. In fact, the provision is likely to create additional journeys, potentially resulting in up to 2.9 million tons of additional CO2 emissions in 2023, and possibly leading to an additional 3.3 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.

The two studies were undertaken by independent consultants, and have now been finalized. 

The Commission aims to have an open dialogue to assess potential next steps in the light of the need to pursue the Green Deal objectives, we will see in the next future if and how, in practice, the European Commission will use these conclusions.

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