Important information for drivers shipping through Dover and Calais ports.

Process update at the ports of Dover and Calais :

From Monday 22 March there is a new process in place at Dover and Calais Ports to help speed up the check-in process. The changes are as follows:

MRNs – All vehicles arriving with more than 5 MRNs and no envelope logistique will be redirected to the Driver Reception Building at the relevant port and processed when you have created the envelope. Parking is limited outside the Driver Reception Building and non-compliant vehicles may be asked to leave the port until their paperwork is complete.

Dangerous Goods – Vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods will only be processed at the check-in booths at Dover Port IF they have a single DGN or a single loadline entry from multiple DGNs. All other vehicles carrying Dangerous Goods with multiple DGNs will be processed in the Driver Reception Building at Dover Port.

Note: All shipments that contain dangerous goods must be pre-notified with our relevant offices before arrival. The maximum storage time at the Port of Calais for hazardous materials is 14 hours. Customs formalities must be completed within this period. If this is not the case, the units will be returned to the UK.

To avoid delays, use the logistics envelope service from the French customs. Each batch on board a freight vehicle corresponds to a unique MRN. Drivers must present as many MRNs as there are batches. The French customs offers an app for grouping MRNs under ONE SINGLE BARCODEthe logistics envelope.

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Before your drivers arrive at any of our ports please ensure that they have the correct paperwork to hand out to our check-in staff. Please ensure that drivers follow the correct lane when they disembark at the Port of Calais and if they are advised to follow the orange lane (DOUANE or SIVEP) they must do so, or they will be fined.

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