European Parliament adopts Mobility Package

The European Parliament has adopted today Mobility Package, after months of negotiations among the Eastern and Western members, with new rules about 3 main subjects affecting the road transport sector: drivers’ rest and working time, cabotage and the so-called lex specialis, applying specific posting rules to the road transport workers.

In particular, Parliament adopted a position restricting cabotage to three days, a 60 hours cooling-off period for trucks in their own country before new cabotage operations, plus the obligation for drivers to return every four weeks to their home country. Moreover, it has confirmed the application of posting rules to truck drivers, with the exemption of transit and bilateral operations.

The EU Parliament approval vote is the first step to move forward with the Mobility Package, even though other votes, probably from the EU Commission and EU Council, are still necessary before it becomes effective and applicable. Not to mention the delay needed for the transposition of the new rules within the national laws of each EU country.

Until then, national rules as we know them today (Macron law in France, LSDB in Austria, MILOG in Germany, Distacco in Italy) will remain in force. Nonetheless, it is clear, further to today’s vote, that posting rules will apply and continue to apply in the near future to EU drivers working outside their own country, within the practical frame and specific rules that will be decided in the next discussions.

As always, Move Expert will keep the situation monitored and will keep you posted.

You can watch the official video here:

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