European Commission Mobility Package

The European Parliament's Committee on Transport voted for the agreement on the EU Mobility Package.

On 10th January, the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport voted for the agreement on the EU Mobility Package.


What has been decided?

European Parliament rejected two of the three proposals of the Mobility Package:
• Specifics rules concerning the posting of drivers proposed in lex specialis, like the non-application of posting rules to up to 2 international transport operations, rest and driving time were rejected.
• The European Parliament adopted proposals providing a regular return to the country of origin every 4 weeks.
• A cooling period of 60 hours between each cabotage operation in the same country with the same vehicle, should also be introduced, obliging foreign drivers to leave the country to which they are posted. On the other hand, cabotage operations will be limited to 3 days.


What is the real impact on hauliers?

With regard to the regulations on the posting of drivers in the European Union, nothing has changed. All present regulations in terms of Minimum Wage in the Countries where the Directive 96/76/CE and Directive 2014/67/EU has been introduced continue to apply to road hauliers.


When the decisions will enter into force?

During the next planer session of July 2019, the European Parliament will probably introduce these new solutions regarding the Mobility Package.


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