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New guide for your drivers transporting dangerous good through EUROTUNNEL
Please note that you must declare all the dangerous goods you carry to our company... Citește mai mult »
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Rata orară, rata de ore suplimentare și munca de noapte
Rata orară, rata de ore suplimentare și munca de noapte Salariul minim pe oră în... Citește mai mult »
Traffic jams hit Channel ports
Traffic jams hit Channel ports as French customs officials strike over Brexit
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New partnership for Posting of Drivers in Europe
MOVE EXPERT is pleased to announce a new partnership with EUROWAG.
Hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route
Scandlines owns the largest fleet of hybrid ferries on the Rostock-Gedser route.
Excise duty refund in Spain
The process of excise duty refund from Spain with FASTVAT
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European Commission Mobility Package
The European Parliament's Committee on Transport voted for the agreement on the EU Mobility Package.
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Minimum wage for 2019 in Germany
The German legislature has increased the nationwide minimum wage with effect from 1 January 2019
Truck Business Fair 14/12/18
We will take part in the new edition of Truck Business Fair.
Adriatic lines – Strike on 28/11/18
Schedule changes due to the P.N.O National Seamen's strike on 28/11/18
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LIC – individual control book
French requirements about LIC & SIPSI posting certificate
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Fuel protests in France 17 Nov 2018
Fuel protests in France: MAP reveals locations of planned road blocks
Translogistica 2018
We will take part in the 6th edition of Translogistica, STAND D12
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Distacco declarations unavailable until 27 Oct
Italian website Cliclavoro is updating some of its features
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Salariile minime franceze în sectorul transporturilor
Only French companies which are part of the signing associations are subject to the new agreement...
New office in Poland
Move Expert new office in Poland.
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Mobility Package
Suspension of proceedings against France, Germany and Austria.
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Legea Macron
Higher penalties for infringement of Loi Macron. The French are tightening the rules.
MOVE EXPERT, as an official agent of TELEPASS, will help you pay your tolls in Europe at a special price.
Linie nouă: Cork/Santander
Starting in May, Brittany Ferries will launch a new ferry line: Cork ↔ Santander
Comunicat de presă
Move Expert is launching its smartphone application for professional in transport services.
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Tarif orar
Hourly rate, overtime and night work.
Truck Expo eveniment Bulgaria
Join us at Truck Expo, Lesnovo Airport, Booth A9
Linie nouă: Toulon/Palma de Mallorca
Toulon ► Palma de Mallorca Corsica Ferries is launching a new ferry line
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