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Crossing the borders faster by using “Green lanes”
The European Commission has approved the implementation of Green Lanes to insure on-time availability of... Bővebben »
New and important updates on Wagweu (Posting drivers in The Netherlands)
As Move Expert is closely following up the latest updates coming from the Dutch government... Bővebben »
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CESMAD BOHEMIA and Move Expert, partners!
Move Expert is happy to count CESMAD BOHEMIA among his partners for Posting of drivers!... Bővebben »
New penalties and restrictions for foreign companies posting workers to France (Macron Law)
A new Decree, introducing various provisions on the posting of workers and intensifying the fight... Bővebben »
New guide for your drivers transporting dangerous good through EUROTUNNEL
Please note that you must declare all the dangerous goods you carry to our company... Bővebben »
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Aktuális minimum órabérek, túlóra bérek és éjszakai bérek
Hourly rate, Extra hours rate and night work: The French minimum hourly wage is 10.03... Bővebben »
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New administrative penalties for posting of workers
ATTENTION: New administrative penalties for infringements in the posting of workers will enter into force... Bővebben »
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New partnership for Posting of Drivers in Europe
MOVE EXPERT is pleased to announce a new partnership with EUROWAG.
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European Commission Mobility Package
The European Parliament's Committee on Transport voted for the agreement on the EU Mobility Package.
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Minimum wage for 2019 in Germany
The German legislature has increased the nationwide minimum wage with effect from 1 January 2019
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LIC – individual control book
French requirements about LIC & SIPSI posting certificate
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Fuel protests in France 17 Nov 2018
Fuel protests in France: MAP reveals locations of planned road blocks
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Distacco declarations unavailable until 27 Oct
Italian website Cliclavoro is updating some of its features
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French Minimum Wages in the Transport Sector
Only French companies which are part of the signing associations are subject to the new agreement...
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Mobility Package
Suspension of proceedings against France, Germany and Austria.
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Macron törvény módosítása
Magasabb bírságok a Loi Macron megsértése miatt. A franciák szigorítják a szabályokat.
MOVE EXPERT, as an official agent of TELEPASS, will help you pay your tolls in Europe at a special price.
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Hourly rate, overtime and night work.