Hungary introduces the mandatory electronic registration system – BIREG

The Hungarian government has amended the Bireg Regulation on 27th January, by Government Decree no. 18/2021. (I.27.) entering into force on 4 February. As a result of amendment, the transport operations carried out with a Community license do not have to be registered in the system. The amendment enters into force on 4 February.

As from 4 February, all goods transport operators carrying out services to, from, through and in Hungary should register the company and the operations as well.  However, those operating exclusively under EU community licence will not have to register, EXCEPT those performing cabotage operations in the territory of Hungary.  

Who should then register on the BIREG?

The system applies to both foreign and Hungarian transport operation:

  1. goods transport services: vehicles over 3,5 tons
  2.  own-account transport operations: vehicles over 3,5 tons
  3.  cabotage in the territory of Hungary

EXCEPT THE TRANSPORTS performed by vehicle mentioned in point 1) or 2) under COMMUNITY LICENCE.

In fact, the transport under community license is exempt from registration, except the cabotage operations.

There is a grace period at least until the 15th of February.  The controlling authorities will penalize the infringement from this deadline.

The penalty is the same as doing third country transportation without a permit or the same as the infringement of the cabotage rules. The amount is 800.000 HUF approximately 2.500 EUR both for the company and the driver.

Where to register? Official website, where hauliers must register their bilateral permission or ECMT permission can be found here: ;

There is no obligation to pay a foreign driver with the Hungarian minimum wage linked to this new registration obligation.

If you need more explanation, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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