IMI – the new EU common system for Posting Declarations & Inspections of transport companies

As of 02 February 2022, all EU and UK road hauliers carrying out international transport operations, such as cabotage and cross-trade, must submit  posting of driver’ declaration to the host country via a public platform connected to the IMI system, which is designed to ensure the exchange of information between the public administrative authorities of the Member States.

What is important to know about the new IMI system?

•            All EU and UK hauliers posting their directly employed drivers to any of the EU member state or UK should hold a Posting Declaration issued via the new EU system.

Attention: first inspections and sanctions for missed Posting Declarations already started 2 weeks ago. You still do not have your Posting Declarations? Contact us and we will help you to get them!

•            The Posting Declaration should be issued for each of your driver posted to the EU country or UK with a maximum duration of 6 months.

Important: we recommend submitting Posting Declarations for a maximum period only to the host countries where you do transport activities permanently. If you have only an occasional transport in some of the host countries, it is better to submit a Posting Declaration for a shorter period and on a demand.

•            The new system is created not only for submitting Posting Declarations but also to carry out inspections that could happen up to 6 times per year for each company.

Tip: clients who are usingMove Expert Mobility Solutions’ services will be assisted to manage inspections via IMI system.

•            All the infringements that your drivers are doing could end up into the bad ranking of your company and a risk to lose your Transport license.

Tip: we can help you to know what is your current ERRU rating!

•            You should report your drivers only to the host Countries where their carry out transport activities. Important: we notice that some transport companies submit their Posting Declarations at once everywhere, in this case a lot of unnecessary administrative work related to the Posting of drivers’ legislation could happen as no matter your real transport activities, inspections can be made based on the submitted Posting Declarations.

A new IMI system and a new social & legal framework for road transport in the European Union.

In summary, the new legal environment resulting from the Mobility Package does not consists only obligation of notification via a new public platform connected to the IMI system regarding posting drivers but covers the implementation and enforcement of new European requirements for international transport companies and their posting drivers.

In the meantime, the first roadside checks action “Truck & Bus” came to end 2 weeks ago. Roadside checks were managed in Belgium, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal for total of 184 vehicles checked with over 120 suspected irregularities!  More than half of those infringements were related to driving and resting time and manipulation of tachographs.

These aspects are key to improve the capacity to be compliant with the legal framework regarding the road transport activity in the European Union.  
Move Expert is ready to assist you during the Roadside checks, contact us and we will explain you how you can benefit from this service!

Questions answered to our customers EVERY day:

How to minimize the infringements’ risks?

Do the transport of empty containers, pallets or packaging counts as a cabotage operation?

When does the 7 day – period start and end and how the cool off period should be calculated?

And many more…

We are ready to verify if your international transport activity complies with the actual requirements!

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