1st of July 2020: New minimum wage in Netherlands

Every six months on 1st of January and on 1st of July, the Netherlands government adjust newly fixed amounts of the gross minimum wage in the country. 

From 1st of July, 2020, the minimum wage for employees aged 21 and older will increase from € 1,653.60 to € 1,680 per month. 

The law does not have a statutory minimum hourly wage. It may differ, depending on the number of hours that are counted as normal working hours. 

In most collective labor agreements, the working time for full-time employment is set at 36, 38 or 40 hours per week. 

For the gross minimum wage per hour, this means the following:

Fulltime workweek 21 and older
36 hours per week € 10,77
38 hours per week € 10,21
40 hours per week € 9,70

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