Use MOBILIC’ APP instead of filling paper

In order to adapt faster transport companies’ and drivers’ behavior for the upcoming Mobility package changes, the French Labor Ministry announced an application called MOBILIC, whose mission is to record and group together activities of lorry drivers, following a spirit very close to that of the tachograph.  This new APP will let companies to avoid filling paper version of LIC and will simplify the process of complying with the law.

What is the Mobilic’ APP for?

Mobilic’ APP is a digital service that allows the registration, monitoring and control of the time of mobile workers in accordance with the Articles of the Transport Code.

The history of activities for a given worker is sufficient to recalculate aggregated working and rest times and thus verify compliance with regulations and use the data for different purposes (pre-payroll, HR management, cost analysis, control basis).

Who can use this Mobilic’ APP

Truck drivers who drive light commercial vehicles (LCVs) less than 3.5 tons. They are submitted to the regulations of the French law regarding working hours, so they are concerned by the obligation to register their working time.

Mobilic’ APP concerns drivers and other road transport personnel using mainly light commercial vehicles (LCVs) of less than 3, 5 tones and/or a maximum of 9 people, including the driver.

What you can do with this Mobilic’ APP?

Mobilic’ APP allows employees to record their working time in real time, managers to consult these data and to use them within the framework of the management of their company and the control bodies (in particular the controllers of ground transport and the labor inspectorate) to check the respect of the regulations.

Do I have to double the information by also filling LIC paper while I use this Mobilic’ APP?

Mobilic’ API allows to justify the respect of the requirements fixed by the transport code, precisely no need to complete the paper LIC when using Mobilic.  

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