Mobility package becomes reality

Only several days left till the second part of Mobility package regulations takes impact on road transport rules. A set of new regulations which are dedicated to improving drivers’ working conditions, road safety and preventing unfair competition in all EU Member States, probably will create confusion for the first months over how to apply some provisions.

Move Expert is already ready to meet the new legislative environment for Posting drivers and help customers smoothly meet the new rules!


27 countries under new Posting legislation

New Posting Declaration issued per driver and per each Member state via EU common system

Local remuneration rates based on the country of Posting

Monitoring infringements become mandatory to keep good repute of the company


Manage your Posting declarations with our smart e-solution DRIVERS MANAGER

Be ready for inspections by storing your compulsory documents on Move Expert platform

Trust our legal assistance to help you to be compliant with Mobility laws

Analyze and use your Tachograph data to empower your transport activities

And many more!

To keep the high level of service quality and provide a unique e-solution was one of the key goals of Move Expert team for the last year. Now we are fully ready to empower transport companies with our Mobility Solutions.

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