Mobility Package – Questions & Answers Part 2

As Mobility Package 1 is now in force and the social provisions on driving times and rest conditions for drivers have been applying since August 20, 2020, the European Commission has published the second part of the official Questions &Answers, in English, on the interpretation of the Mobility Package regulations, adopted on 15 July 2020. The first part was made available on the official website of the European Commission in all official EU languages, including French, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Italian etc. earlier in February this year.

Second part of Questions & Answers for the Mobility Package:

The following set of Questions & Answers, clarifying the most pressing implementation doubts raised by the sector, was prepared by the European Commission whose priority is to ensure a common understanding and consistent implementation of the new provisions. . 

The Q&A should serve as a guide for drivers and road transport operators and controls to ensure that the rules are applied and controlled in a harmonized manner throughout the EU. 

The clarifications mainly concern issues related to the regulations in force from 20 August 2020, in particular regarding the driver’s return home and weekly rest period, although the European Commission has not dispelled all the doubts regarding the interpretation of these regulations. 

Particular emphasis is put on the following topics:

  • Obligation of organization of the driver’s return to home, 
  • Prohibition to take regular weekly rest periods in the cabin of the vehicle;
  • Interruptions of the regular weekly rest period on the ferry;
  • Exceptional extending of driving time when returning to base or home;
  • Obligation to register border crossings
  • Exceptional exceeding driving time compensation for two consecutive regular weekly rests;

If you wish to have the complete document for the European Commission’s Questions & Answers about the Driving and Rest Time component of the Mobility Package, part 2, you can download it here.

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