Mobility Package rules that will apply from 20th / 21st of August

While most of the new rules of the Mobility package will be implemented within 18 months from the date when it will be published, some of them will be applicable immediately upon entry into force of their revised regulations (561/2006 and 165/2015) in 20th / 21st of August. 

What are the several rules of the Mobility package that will apply from 20th / 21st of August?

These rules concerning driving and rest times and the return of drivers to their home countries will be implemented soon: 

  • The weekly rest of 45 hours or more must not be taken in the vehicle. It should be taken either at the suitable accommodation provided / paid by the employer, or at the home base or another private place of rest. 
  • Mandatory return of the driver to the origin country every 4 weeks for each period of 3 or 4 consecutive working weeks. An obligation for the employer to organize the work of drivers in such a way that the driver is able to spend at least one regular weekly rest period or a weekly rest of more than 45 hours taken in compensation for reduced weekly rest in the country of establishment of the haulier or the driver’s place of residence once every 4 weeks.
  • The new possibility to reduce weekly rest time. It will be possible to take two consecutive reduced weekly rest periods (24 hours) for drivers engaged in international transport of goods, under the condition that the driver takes at least two rest weekly periods during the fourth consecutive week.
  • The new possibility to exceed the daily and weekly driving time by up to two hours in order to reach the employer’s operational center or the driver’s place of residence to take a weekly rest period.  

We make sure that our customers always have the latest information about compliance with the new Mobility package and we are always ready to help you with the Posting of Drivers in Austria, France, Germany, Italy and Netherlands in accordance to the national laws.

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