New Covid requirements for the UK :

New requirements for drivers entering the UK from 6 April

From 6 April, all hauliers entering England (except for hauliers arriving from Ireland) and staying longer than 2 days must take a coronavirus test.  You must take a test within two days of arrival and every 3 days thereafter. This is to reduce the risk of new COVID variants entering and spreading in the UK.

Free testing continues to be available at our Information and Advice sites, or from workplace and community testing centres

France has removed its requirement for a negative test before entering from the UK. You will still require a negative test when travelling to some countries from the UK and are strongly encouraged to check the entry requirements of the countries you plan to travel to and get tested. 

All drivers traveling to England must complete a PLF online before they arrive in the UK. The PLF must be available either on a mobile phone or as a hard copy.

It will also be a legal requirement from 6 April for hauliers to self-isolate in the cab during the duration of their time in England. You can leave the cab for essential purposes, including: 

  • obtaining food 
  • seeking medical and emergency assistance 
  • using wash facilities including using communal showers 
  • refuelling, and to ensure your vehicle and load are roadworthy 

Hauliers will be subject to regular monitoring on arrival in England and face fines of up to £2,000 if they are found to not be complying with the new testing requirements, and up to £1,000 if not complying with the cab self-isolation requirement.

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