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New guide for your drivers transporting dangerous good through EUROTUNNEL

New Guide

Please note that you must declare all the dangerous goods you carry to our company in order to avoid fines or the vehicle lock. Here is the Eurotunnel guide to follow step by step below (or download) :


Step 1 : Documentation


Please be aware that dangerous goods in Limited Quantities* do not need to be declared upon arrival.
Even if your vehicle does not need to display orange plates to travel on the road, if you have dangerous goods paperwork you must make a declaration.

If you are declaring, you will need a full ADR declaration which must include the following information:

– UN Number

– Current ADR reference (Class, Packing Group & Classification Code, if required)

– Proper Shipping Name of Goods carried(including their volume or weight)

– Details of packaging (number and description

– Quantity(net / grossmass as appropriate)


Step 2 : Check-in


When you arrive at Check-in you will see this screen:



Select “YES” to declare that you are transporting dangerous goods.

You will then be re-directed to the Freight Driver Information Centre.

Your dangerous goods may have been declared online. If so, you will be automatically diverted to the Freight Driver Information Centre to have your paperwork checked.


Step 3 : Freight Driver Information Center


Park your vehicle in one of the spaces next to the Freight Driver Information Centre.
Report to the Customer Service Agent inside the building, who will check your paperwork against Eurotunnel’s dangerous goods policy.
An external check of the vehicle will be carried out and a copy of your dangerous goods paperwork will be taken.


Step 4 : Continue your journey


Once authorised, you will be issued with a sticker showing a Eurotunnel reference.



You must place this on the vehicle’s windscreen so it can be seen by staff. It must not be removed until the end of your journey with Eurotunnel. You can return to your vehicle and follow the normal route through the Terminal.

Thank you foryour cooperation.