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New penalties and restrictions for foreign companies posting workers to France (Macron Law)

New penalties and restrictions for foreign companies posting workers to France (Macron Law)

A new Decree, introducing various provisions on the posting of workers and intensifying the fight against illegal work, was published in France on 5th June 2019.

The amendments in the Decree n° 2019 -555 of 4th June 2019 include, in particular, increased sanctions for infringements of posting workers rules such as suspensions or bans for foreign service providers and new delays to provide documents in case of controls.

More in detail, here are the main changes affecting foreign companies posting their drivers to France:

Applicable from 6th June 2019:

Whenever an infringement concerning payment of minimum wage is observed, control agents can ask the foreign company or his representative in France to provide their comments and posting documents within 3 days from the date the company is notified, or even only 1 day in serious cases. After this delay and taking into account the documents and observations received, the controller can sanction the foreign company with:

A temporary suspension of the provision of the service that can last up to 1 month;

A temporary ban to provide services, that can last up to 2 months.

Applicable from 1st July 2019:

In the event of a control, control officers have the right to communicate and ask documents to third parties in order to obtain information about the fiscal or social situation of the company object of the control.

In practice, we will carefully follow the evolution of these dispositions when applied to the peculiarities of the transport sector.

Move Expert as your representative in France for the Macron law puts everything in place to ease your paperwork and assist you in case of controls, even within short delays.

Do not hesitate and contact us to obtain further information about the requirements when posting your drivers to France.

Move Expert always keeps you posted on the latest news from France that concern your company and transport activities