New release – the blog TRUCK MOBILITY INFO

Move Expert just released a new blog dedicated to the transport sector TRUCK MOBILITY INFO to provide in-depth articles by experts on the topics of the EU Mobility Package, feedback from Controls, advice and live information.

The launch of the Mobility Package brought a lot of discussions in the international transport market about its application. Moreover, various delays of transcription into national legislation in the EU created a legal uncertainty for transport companies as to which rules apply with an outcome of unjustified fines.

Over time, by receiving a lot of questions from clients, partners asking to help them to understand the legislation and give correct and comprehensible explanations, Move Expert began to think about a way to share widely its cross-countries experience & knowledge and that is how the idea of the dedicated BLOG came up.

The blog TRUCK MOBILITY INFO will be dedicated to share live information from the different EU countries on most important topics related the transport sector within the frame of the Mobility Package and other international transport rules. It is empowered by Move Expert team and other transport field experts.

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