The new rules on the posting of drivers set by Directive (EU)

The new rules on the posting of drivers set by Directive (EU) 20201057 apply from 2 February 2022:  

  • Posted drivers will receive the renumeration of the host Member State where the carry out activities  
  • Transport companies need to submit posting declaration IMI  

The factsheet on posting drivers in road transport published on DG MOVE website summarize when are drivers considered as posted?  

  • Cross trade operations 
  • Cabotage operations  
  • Initial or final leg being a part of cross trade or cabotage operations  

Due to the fact, that new posting rules for drivers under the new Directive (EU) 2020/1057 in the road transport sector are very complex, we draw once again attention to these two important definitions of transport operations:  

Q: What it’s cabotage?  

A: It’s understood as domestic transport operations on the territory of a Member State by a transport company established in another Member State 

Q: What it’s cross -trade operations?  

A: It’s understood as transport operations carried out between 2 Member States, or between a Member State and a third country, none of which is the country of establishment of the company carrying out these operations.  

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On the other hand, since 21 February, other new provisions from the mobility package have come into force. These include the mandatory return of the truck to its country of establishment every 8 weeks and a 4-day cooling off period following cabotage operations within the country in which it operates. We will soon be informing you about the new guidelines on these aspects, which should appear on the European Commission website very soon.

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