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Państwa ekspert w zakresie rezerwacji promowych

Usługi dla przewoźników drogowych i operatorów autobusowych

Wsparcie klientów na każdym kroku
Korzystne ceny bez pośredników
Skuteczna obsługa w wielu językach
Oszczędzanie czasu: Rezerwacje online i płatność 24/7
Mnóstwo destynacji w Europie

Important information: New penalties and restrictions for foreign companies posting workers to France #Macronlaw #leymacron #postingdrivers #mobilitypackage https://t.co/7ksOSpuZwr

Are you applying for a #VATrefund in Austria? Warning! Intensified application checks. Get all the information here: https://t.co/fIboJoyV6i #MakeItFast #MakeItEasy #MakeItEfficient

Will you meet us in #TransportLogistics2019? We have a contest! Learn how to participate here #ServiceAndTecnology: https://t.co/pc82Xno3jw

CALAIS: The Port of Calais has reopened. All Dover<>Calais and Dover<>Dunkerque services are operating on time to the advertised schedule.

Current check-in times:
Dover-Dunkerque 14:00
Dunkerque-Dover 16:00
Dover-Calais 13:45
Calais-Dover 13:50

#POCalais : Strikes have ended and the Port of Calais has now reopened. We apologise for any delays. Thank you for your patience while we resume schedule.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: NATIONAL STRIKE IN FRANCE AFFECTING CALAIS FERRY PORT. You can consult the new schedules of today here: https://t.co/Xk3Dx4kVpj

Will you be in Munich next June 4-7? You will be more than welcome to visit our stand. We will be there, waiting for you. #TransportLogistics2019 #ServiceandTecnology

"When a man understands the art of seeing, he can trace the spirit of an age and the features of a king even in the knocker on a door. Victor Hugo" #NotreDame #CryingForNotreDame

New timetables for the #Ferry M/S COLOR CARRIER from 14.04.19 to 24.04.19. Find there all the information: https://t.co/KlqgKzLFsD

The European Parliament has adopted today #MobilityPackage. You can read all the changes and decisions taken here:

Ferry Terminal live update - congestion level for drivers has changed from extreme to high

Veuillez nous excuser pour votre attente, nos équipes font le maximum pour vous permettre d'embarquer le plus rapidement possible.

We apologize for the delays, our teams are doing their best to allow you to board as fast as possible.

Today is #InternationalWomensDay!
We celebrate a few of the amazing #EUWomen who have shaped the history of the EU by fighting injustice, researching radioactivity, or engaging in activism.
Europe wouldn’t be the same without them.

Ferry Terminal live update - congestion level for drivers has changed from medium to low

En raison de la forte affluence au #portcalais, la déviation poids lourds est activée. Merci de suivre l’itinéraire dédié.

Due to a heavy trafic volume on the #portofcalais, the deviation for lorries has been activated. Thanks for using the dedicated itinerary

Calais Port Update: Freight is very busy with approx 120mins Diversions have been put in place for all freight vehicles due to the congestion and will be in place until 1600 tomorrow (06.03.19).

Check - in
Calais - Dover 21:40

En raison d'un mouvement de grève de la douane française, passage fortement ralenti des poids lourds au port de #Calais.

Due to a strike action from the French customs, the lorries’ traffic is heavily congested on the port of #Calais.

Please be advised due to ongoing issues with customs controls in Calais, with immediate affect the following diversions have been implemented:

A16 from Belgium to Calais must divert at exit 57 on to the N225.
Same applies A25 to divert at exit 13 on to D948/D642 and A26.

En raison de la forte affluence au #portcalais, la déviation poids lourds est activée. Merci de suivre l’itinéraire dédié.

Due to a heavy trafic volume on the #portofcalais, the deviation for lorries has been activated. Thanks for using the dedicated itinerary

Dear Client, please be informed that we are currently unable to issue SIPSI certificates since SIPSI website is out of service. We will issue your certificates as soon as SIPSI website is available. Thanks for your understanding.

Move Expert is pleased to announce a new partnership with Eurowag.
👉 https://t.co/ZUK74DD803
👉 https://t.co/wunIRQ8CNv

En raison de la forte affluence au #portcalais, la déviation poids lourds est activée. Merci de suivre l’itinéraire dédié.

Due to a heavy trafic volume on the #portofcalais, the deviation for lorries has been activated. Thanks for using the dedicated itinerary

#PODoverFR8 Checking in for: 10:15 - on time | Buffer Zone = In Use | Major queues at check in.

#POCalaisFR8 Checking in for: 10:45 - on time | East Port In Use | Buffer Zone = In Use | Major queues at check points

Next Update in 60 minutes.

'Cap Finistere' of the @BrittanyFerries fleet, seen at the Astander Shipyard in Santander receiving her refit and new livery. Photos kindly sent in by @jldcampa

'Cap Finistere' is scheduled to leave the dry dock this Saturday morning at around 10:30 local time. - (Tony)

Dover<>Dunkerque departures are operating to the advertised schedule.
Dover<>Calais departures are operating to the advertised refit schedule.

Freight check-in times:
Dover-Calais 13:45
Dover-Dunkerque 12:00
Dunkerque-Dover 14:00
Calais-Dover 13:50

Can't see the latest info for your port? Search for your departure port using a # & prefix PO (i.e. #PODover, etc.) for latest updates,.

Attention travaux: Du 18/02 au 22/02,déviation pendant la journée sur la rocade portuaire . Suivre les panneaux"déviation". Caution: From 18/02 to 22/02,due to maintenance work a detour will be put in place during the day . Please follow the "deviation"trafic signs.

#autoroute Un trait d'union entre les hommes et les femmes, bonne Saint Valentin ! https://t.co/UC9FpQ8qCQ

We 💛 the 🇪🇺
... because we love to live in peace
… because we are fond of Erasmus
… because we enjoy travelling freely
… because we can live in another EU country
… because we fight together for our planet

Newhaven - Dieppe - Newhaven all sailings operating to schedule. Next arrival from Dieppe at 08:30, next departure from Newhaven at 10:00
We look forward welcome you on board of Seven Sisters

"L'avenir du carburant passe par le gaz naturel. Nous souhaitons (...) baisser notre empreinte écologique et diminuer la facture énergétique. Face à la demande sociétale en faveur de bateaux moins polluants, c'est important vis-à-vis de notre clientèle"

Did you know the operation of the #ChannelTunnel is regulated by the Treaty of Canterbury, which was signed on this date 33 years ago? In this document, the UK 🇬🇧 and France 🇫🇷 commit to reconcile traffic flow and efficient controls. #DYK #Eurotunnel #BrexitAndBeyond

Страхотна новина! Нашите екрани за чекиране са вече достъпни на български език. Ако езикът е предварително заявен в онлайн резервацията, първият екран автоматично ще се показва на български език. Ако не, просто натиснете българския флаг в горната част на екрана.

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• Wiele europejskich destynacji, obejmująch setki tras z ponad 35 operatorami
• Osobiste konto online z dostępem do faktur online
• Oddana ekipa, która zapewnia Państwu informacje i wsparcie w lokalnych biurach na terenie całej Europy
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New guide for your drivers transporting dangerous good through EUROTUNNEL
Please note that you must declare all the dangerous goods you carry to our company... Czytaj dalej »
Korki uderzyły w port kanału la manche , gdy francuscy urzędnicy urządzili strajk
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