The grace period for not complying with french blind spot stickers requirement not valid anymore!

Important! Blind spot stickers for all vehicles over 3.5 used on French roads.

The grace period is going to end on 1st of April 2021!

At present, foreign hauliers can still benefit from a grace period but as of 1 April they must to comply with the sticker requirement in order to avoid the penalties for missing rules. 

As of January 1st 2021 France, has made blind spot stickers mandatory for all lorries over 3, 5 tons travelling on French roads. 

As announced earlier, all heavy vehicles and buses in France (both goods and passenger transport vehicles) must be fitted with three stickers 30 centimeters in size, one at the rear and one on each side of the vehicle.   

The stickers must use the official French government design and there are strict rules about the stickers size and position. 

Please remember, where exactly the stickers should be placed ? 

Stickers must be placed in such a way that must be visible on both sides and the back of the vehicle, the signs must be placed between 0.90 m and 1.50 mabove the ground

All vehicles and trailers  should be equipped with signs: 

  • On the rear, on the right-hand side (French kerbside)
  • On each side (left and right) between 0m-1m of the front, excluding glass surfaces
  • On trailers, each side (left and right) between 0m-1m behind the kingpin (for semi-trailers) or the front body of other trailers.

Don’t forget about the main conditions applying to cabotage operations!

What you should remember, when you are travelling through Europe.  

  • Cabotage operations may only be carried out as part of an international journey
  • If the final destination of the preceding international journey is a country other than France, a maximum of one cabotage operation in France is authorized within the three days following entry of the empty vehicle into the country. The cabotage operation must be completed within seven days from the unloading of the internationally transported freight.
  • A maximum of three cabotage operations, with three separate waybills, are allowed. The three cabotage operations must be done within seven days from unloading of the internationally transported freight. 
  • 3,5T Vehicles are subject to the same rules as heavy vehicles as regards cabotage. 

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