Summary of questions and answers analyzed during our webinar related to the Mobility Package

The Initiative of European “Mobility Package” is changing and extending EU road transport rules.  Typically, changes in the work organization require investments, so it is an organic reaction that most of transport companies have challenged the application of these new rules. Regarding this, recently Move Expert organized a great discussion/event with an independent EU Public Affairs adviser Margareta Przybyla about the new set of already applied or future Mobility Package’ rules. 

Transport companies claim that these new legal acts stand out as problematic to the transport sector,  especially current rules on driving times and rest times, mainly because of a complexity to adapt it to the daily routine of transport companies activities. So this event was especially created for our clients to discuss how to treat these new rules, how to adapt it on daily process and how to be prepared in case of a controls of these rules applications on a company level.

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