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Taxes and vignettes in Europe

Professionals in road transport, let us guide you through our efficient road taxes solutions

Road taxes in Europe

Eurovignette, HGV Levy, Dart Crossing,...

MOVE EXPERT ferry booking and customer services can help with highway taxes, HGV or Dartford toll payments in England avoiding delays or fine inconveniences.

More and more taxes, tolls and vignettes have been set in Europe for the payment of highways and bridges. In addition to ferry booking, MOVE EXPERT can assist its clients more particularly in the United Kingdom to pay HGV tax in the best conditions thus avoiding penalties and delays.



Eurovignette is a tax enabling the use of road networks. Truck owners with a total permissible laden weight of 12 tonnes must acquire the Eurovignette to use highways, toll expressways in countries where Eurovignette is required. The countries involved are Danemark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden.



As an alternative to tolls in the crossing of Dartford Bridge in the UK on the M25, DART CHARGE is an automatic “free-flow” payment system by registration and recognition of the license plates of trucks. Register your vehicles with MOVE EXPERT in order to avoid fines.

Please contact us with your license plate number and the size of your vehicle that needs to be registered.



The United Kingdom has set up the HGV LEVY road tax for British road hauliers. Foreign hauliers must pay this tax at a rate of £10/day. Contact us to simplify the procedures, avoiding the payment in a foreign currency and fines of £300. MOVE EXPERT will pay this tax on your behalf according to your needs.

Please contact us with your license plate number of your vehicle (European emission standards for non registered vehicles) and the entry and exit date in the UK.