Update on import controls on EU good

We’re getting in touch to update you on a recent change to import controls. No further import controls on EU goods will be introduced this year.

Specifically, the following controls which were planned for introduction from July 2022 will now not be introduced:

  • A requirement for further Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) checks on EU imports currently at destination to be moved to Border Control Post (BCP).
  • A requirement for safety and security declarations on EU imports.
  • A requirement for further health certification and SPS checks for EU imports.
  • Prohibitions and restrictions on the import of chilled meats from the EU.

However, if a business imports goods from the EU into Great Britain and has chosen to submit safety and security declarations on those movements, they can continue to do so on a voluntary basis.

The controls that have already been introduced will remain in place.

  • Highest risk imports of animals, animal products, plants and plant products will continue to apply alongside the customs controls which have already been introduced.
  • Safety and security checks brought in last year remain in place as part of the existing customs controls introduced during 2021.
  • If a business imports goods into Great Britain from the rest of the World it remains a legal obligation that they must submit their safety and security Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) for those movements.

The Government will publish a Target Operating Model in the Autumn that will set out our new regime of border import controls and will target the end of 2023 as the revised introduction date for our control’s regime.

Customs Declaration Service

We are still committed to closing the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) in line with the published dates and encourage everyone to continue preparing to move to the Customs Declaration Service. CHIEF will close for imports after 30 September 2022, and exports after 31 March 2023. The move across to the Customs Declaration Service is still on track.

Work will now continue with industry to assess how we can create a safe, secure and efficient process for dealing with EU imports. This will build on existing work already taking place, including the UK Single Trade Window which teams in HMRC have been working hard to deliver as part of the 2025 Border Strategy.

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