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VAT & Prefinancing

Online expert for VAT refund to transport companies


VAT financing & refund

Are you looking for assistance with VAT and oil tax queries for your transport company?

Through our subsidiary FastVAT and our offices throughout Europe, we pre-finance foreign VAT for EU road haulers. Thanks to the pre-financing of your VAT,  FastVAT makes a transfer to your bank account even up to 3 days after receipt of your electronic invoices, regardless of the provider. With FastVAT, improve your company’s cash flow and receive your weekly VAT refund before you even pay your invoice!



With its team of VAT experts and our individualized approach to customer care, FastVAT is able to meet all specific needs of international transport companies. FastVAT offers weekly pre-financing options that are faster than commonly-used “net invoicing” along to sophisticated IT solutions.

Some European countries provide a partial refund of excise duties on Gasoil to transport companies within the European Union.


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