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Let us guide you through all the regulations

Stop wasting your time ! Let us guide you through all the regulations, manage your controls and get your company in order with the new posting rules


Every day, transport companies and their drivers in the EU face road checks and risky inspections at the premise about driving time and vehicle compliance. Every day, international transport companies are required by foreign control bodies to provide documents, explain situations, comply to new rules.

How many times you have found out too late of a new regulation, of a new document, or simply got misunderstood by control agents and got fined because of that?

Don’t waste your time and money! We can assist you in adapting your way of work and organization to the existing or new provisions.

Have you received a fine and need advice in these areas :

Excess of driving time

Missing documentation

Cabotage rules

Missing obligation related to the CMR letter

Tachograph manipulation

Weight excess

We can help you to verify if the fine was fair and justified, if not, if there is any judicial way of appealing.

Let's try to recover your money ! Time is your money !

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How do we work ?

Easy and quick service activation
All we need is a signature and a copy of your fines.
Your case will be worked on by our lawyers when your fines have been received.

Success fee
As soon as your documents are received we take care of the follow-up in court.
You only pay a fee if we succed to get your money back

Conclusion feedback
We prepare a conclusion feedback for you, once the final decision is made by the countries’ authorities.
During the process, we stay available with appropiate information whenever needed.