Posting of drivers – FAQ

The Minimum wage law requires to pay the country’s minimum hourly wage where the driver is posted. Currently this law is applied in several EU countries: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Finland,  Denmark (from 1st of January 2020), etc. It is dedicated for improving drivers’ working conditions and safety, ensuring markets fairness and efficiency.

Posting certificate is a proof that the company understands the legislation, pays a faire salary to their workers and reports every driver who goes to these countries.

Each country that is asking to declare posting activities has their own systems for notifying posted workers. MOVE EXPERT assists hauliers by combining full online and automated process of declaring drivers with a very competitive price and with over 25 years of an experience in the road sector.

France and Italy are requiring to have an official representative of the company. The Netherlands prefer to have a local contact for the control checks. Move Expert provides a legal assistance and a representation service for all companies sending their posted drivers who are responsible for respecting the road transport legislation in force.

Usually, official authorities are requesting to notify country at least 48 hours before the operation starts.

– Posting certificate or reference number

– The well-filled CMR letter

– The work contract between the driver and the employer (translated into French for France),

– The document/form A 1. This document is usually issued by local social security institutions.

– The original copy of license in EU;

– Other documents post – controls: pay slips with visible hourly rate, bank statements attesting the real payment.


COMPLYING WITH POSTING OF DRIVERS REQUIREMENTS is mandatory to work in certain EU Countries. Companies can be fined by not having appropriate documents from 135EUR to 500.000 EUR.

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