Don’t forget about the main conditions applying to cabotage operations!

What you should remember, when you are travelling through Europe.  

  • Cabotage operations may only be carried out as part of an international journey
  • If the final destination of the preceding international journey is a country other than France, a maximum of one cabotage operation in France is authorized within the three days following entry of the empty vehicle into the country. The cabotage operation must be completed within seven days from the unloading of the internationally transported freight.
  • A maximum of three cabotage operations, with three separate waybills, are allowed. The three cabotage operations must be done within seven days from unloading of the internationally transported freight. 
  • 3,5T Vehicles are subject to the same rules as heavy vehicles as regards cabotage. 

In March this year, the French prefecture decided to sanctioned two carriers, one Romanian and the other Bulgarian, for irregular cabotage operation and in the fact for accumulating infringements regarding cabotage rules and working conditions for truck drivers. Two foreign transport companies have been banned from performing cabotage operation on French territory for one year period. As the prefecture states in their decision, these sanctions represent the fight against unfair competition, illegal cabotage and social dumping. 

Two sanctions issued by the French prefecture represent probably the beginning of similar controls… 

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