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Truck Center opening at Barcelona Port


Dear customers,

We kindly inform you that, due to the recent zero-tolerance policy, applied by the Port Authority of Barcelona to all commercial vehicles blocking the traffic inside of the Port area, a specific space for all accompanied units has been created (attached file).

This new truck center will be available for all accompanied vehicles from Monday to Saturday from 4 pm until the departure time of M/V Cruise Roma, Cruise Barcelona, and Cruise Smeralda.

This solution will allow us to fulfill the new Port Authority regulations and also will give the opportunity to all users to wait for the vessel’s departure in a safe and peaceful environment.

Moreover, for any booking with Grimaldi Lines, it will be possible to perform the check-in directly at the truck center without having to pass by the Grimaldi ticket office. In order to have access to this new service, a 5 euros rate will be applied to every accompanied unit, which will be implemented directly on the shipment invoice.

This new space, called “truck center“, will be functioning from Monday 28th of January 2019.

For any further information please stay in contact with us.


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