Common classification of national penalty of serious infringements of road transport sector in the EU

IMPORTANT! The European Commission updated a very useful document created on his website on the enforcement of the EU road transport rules and also national infringements and national penalty regarding driving time and rest time (Regulation (EC) No° 561/2006 and Regulation (EU) No° 165/2014). 

The common classification of weights of infringements in scope of road transport is the next important step in the direction of effective execution of European legislation and cross -border enforcement in the road transport sector in the European Union. 

What do you want to know about national penalties of serious infringements of road transport sector?

The overall aim of this system is to increase checks on undertakings with a poor record concerning the compliance with the driving time.

 Thanks to this common classification method, the enforcement authorities should decide according to these regulations and make uniform decisions on the number and gravity of infringements committed by drivers by failing to comply with their rest period obligation and other provision regarding driving time. 

In fact, it constitutes a common reference point for Member States and a common baseline for them to adapt their national control system and national sanction systems and ensure equal treatment of drivers and hauliers.

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