Important mobilisation in Brussels of the French, Spanish, Portuguese truckers, protesting against the price increase of diesel

Transporters and fishermen, hand in hand to block oil depots in Brittany (since released by the police). In Brussels the French truckers are angry, at the call of the three major employers’ federations: FNTR, BGL, NLA, to face the crisis of the transport sector.

This week mobilisation has been organized in order to put pressure on the European heads of state and government, who are meeting Thursday and Friday in Brussels to discuss the impact of the cost of hydrocarbons.

According to the departmental president of the National Federation of Road Transporters (FNTR), Vincent Brangeon, road transport will have to adapt given the rise in oil prices and the fact that energy is more expensive : “Many companies are facing the risk of bankruptcy because they suffer financial losses with each transport,” said the FNTR.

Many road hauliers are heavily penalised by the explosion of oil prices.

“140 vehicles on the road and an exploding fuel bill: 166,000 euros more per month. This is what many road hauliers are experiencing at the moment. A lorry brings in 200 euros a month, which means 200 euros of result for the company. And the diesel surcharge is 2,000 euros per month. This is the extent of what transport companies are suffering today”, report a member of the FNTR association

Urgent and effective actions and measures needed

The Common Office, which brings together in Brussels the three federations FNTR, BGL and NLA, is calling for urgent action to tackle the crisis in the road haulage sector, including the temporary relaxation of excise duties on diesel under the Energy Tax Directive. Another meeting is scheduled at the Ministry of Transport in the next few days.

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