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As you know, EuroTunnel’s freight shuttles are powered by electricity which provides you with the greenest possible option to cross the Channel for your trucks and goods. It has so far protected the variations in the price of oil.

The situation has changed recently with the restart of economies and even more recently with the current instability in Eastern Europe. The petrol price has never been so high and all energies now see prices rising sharply, including electricity.

The cost of EuroTunnel’s electricity has increased significantly: while the average spot rate of electricity was 32€/MW in 2020, it climbed to 109€/MW in 2021 which is a massive increase for there running costs.

We know how you are impacted by the increase in fuel prices in your own operations. Ferries using fossil fuels are also feeling the impact and, a few years ago, put in place a mechanism called BAF to remediate the rise of their energy cost.

➡️ From 1 April 2022, an Electricity Value Adjustment (EVA) will be added to your invoice. Its value will be the same for all vehicles on all accounts at 10€/£9 per crossing for all vehicles from 7.5m upwards, and 5€/£5 for lower size vehicles. ⬅️

This EVA will be valid until further notice. It is intended to stay at this level over the next few months, as long as the context does not worsen. We will endeavour to give you a month notice period should EuroTunnel have to change its value in the future. EuroTunnel will also look for any opportunity to reduce or stop the EVA if the energy price situation improves.

We are very conscious that it is not a pleasant change and they have done everything they could to avoid having to introduce this adjustment. EuroTunnel is now forced to resort to this measure in order to continue providing you with the quality service that you expect when using Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight. The EVA is our equivalent to the BAF of the ferries, although at a significantly lower level. 
Further information can be found HERE.

Thank you for your understanding and we remain at your entire disposal for any questions. 
Move Expert Ferry Freight Team

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