New minimum wage in France from 29th February 2020

French minimum hourly gross wage for foreign transport companies posting their drivers in France has been updated on 29/02/2020 to 10.39 €.

Hourly wage for workers in the road transport of GOODS:

Please note:

according to the French national agreement, drivers of trucks and articulated vehicles for more than 3.5 t GVW, performing international transport operations, are considered to be equivalent to group 7, coefficient 150M. Minimum wage applicable to these drivers should then be 10.39 €/gross/hour.

Refer to the table here below for other categories of drivers:

Extra hours rates:

Extra hours rates:

* Extra hours increase when working hours exceed the statutory maximum number of working hours per week (35h for long distance drivers; 39h for short distance drivers).

  • Example: long-distance driver’s wage when working 45h hours weekly:
    • 15 € * 35h
    • 53 € * 8h (from 36th to 43rd extra hours)
    • 04 € * 2h (for 44th and 45th hours worked)

Sunday work

  • more than (3) hours: 20 € prime/day
  • less than (3) hours: 40 € prime/day


Night Work:

It is considered to be night work every hour worked between 10 pm and 5 am (according to the article L1321-7 of the law of transport).

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