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FRANCE: New minimum wage from OCTOBER 1st, 2021

The French minimum hourly wage is 10.48 € 2021 as of 1st October 2021. 

National minimum wage applies also to the transport sector, except for the specialized workers category as it is set by the Transport of goods Collective agreement (Agreement from 23 October 2020, entered into force on March 2021).

The gross hourly wage will increase to 10.48 euros, compared to 10.25 euros at present.

Move Expert explains for its clients the impact of the 2.2% increase in the minimum wage on October 1, 2021 on conventional wage scales in the transport sector.

Hourly wage for workers in the road transport of GOODS: 

Group Definition of driver’s coefficient CoefficientHourly rate
3 bis Driver of a vehicle weighing up to 3,5 T GVW 118M 10.48 € 
Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 3,5 T and up to and including 11 T GVW 120M10.48 €
5Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 11 T and up to and including 19 T GVW128M10.48 €
6Driver of a heavy goods vehicle weighing more than 19 T GVW138M10.48 €
7Highly qualified driver of a heavy goods vehicle150M10.49 €

Under the French collective agreement, drivers of lorries and articulated vehicles with a total mass exceeding 3,5 t, engaged in international transport are considered equivalent to group 7 with a coefficient of 150M. The minimum wage for these drivers should be 10,49 € / gross / hour.

According to the national collective bargaining agreement for road transport, the hourly pay for workers in the road transport sector and auxiliary transport activities must be increased according to the years spent in the company:

+2%, +4%, +6% and +8% after respectively 2, 5, 10 and 15 years of service in the company.

Extra hours rates:

Extra hours paid + 25% *Extra hours paid + 50% *
Long distance drivers – weekly hours36h to 43hMore than 43h 
Long distance drivers – monthly hours152h to 186hMore than 186h 
Short distance drivers – weekly hours36h to 43h More than 43h 
Short distance drivers – monthly hours152h to 186h More than 186h 

* Extra hours increase when working hours exceed the statutory maximum number of working hours per week (35h for long distance drivers; 39h for short distance drivers).

  • Example: long distance driver’s wage when working 45h hours weekly:
    • 10.49 € * 35h
    • 13.11 € * 8h (from 36th to 43rd extra hours)
    • 15.73 € * 2h (for 44th and 45th hours worked)

Sunday work 

  • more than (3) hours: 24.20 € prime/day
  • less than (3) hours: 10.40 € prime/day

Night Work:

It is considered to be night work every hour worked between 9 pm and 6 am (according the Article 1 of the Agreement of November 14, 2001 on night work related to the National Collective Agreement for road transport).

Less than 50h worked between 9 pm and 6 am / month Hourly rate + 20 %
More than 50h worked between 9 pm and 6 am / monthHourly rate + 25 %

What you should remember, all new or renewal declarations made from 1st October 2021 will have to mention the new minimum wage at 10.49 € per hour.

About your drivers’ declarations: all declarations issued up to 30/09/2021 can mention the minimum wage before October 2021, with no need to correct them, but make sure that new payrolls will comply with the new French minimum wage, that is 10.49 € per hour. 

Move Expert always provides you with the latest news about the minimum wage laws in the EU.

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