Current Posting of drivers rules

New Mobility package regulations for Posting of drivers will come into effect only after February of 2022, untill this time the current EU countries national rules are still valid and transport companies are obliged to comply with it. Below you can find a short summary about current Posting of drivers rules:

The minimum wage law:

In most of Western European Union countries International Transport companies have to comply with national Posting regulations and therefore the minimum wage law. Posting frame in each of the country might be different but in most of them is mainly related to the application of the minimum wage law. The minimum wage law is the body of law which implies that employers should pay to their drivers an hourly, daily or monthly minimum wage applicable in the country where the driver have worked and accordingly for the time spent in this country for work purposes. National authorities have created local systems for reporting these drivers and their activities in order to monitor transport companies compliance with the law.

The Western Europe countries which applicate Posting regulations are: France, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Denmark. Other European countries that also applicate this law: Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, etc.

The importance of having a representative of the company:

Specifically France and Italy are 2 countries that ask to have a representative of the company in order to organize communication between control bodies and the company. Move Expert is a professional representative of transport companies and have a reliance of French control bodies.

Cabotage operations or combined transport:

Belgium, Italy and Denmark, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland & Norway are countries that request to declare drivers and/or their activities only in case of doing Cabotage operations (+ combined transport in Denmark) going to be done in these countries.

Other countries: France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands ask to report all international transport, except crossing the country.

Posting certificates:

Duration of the certificate which is given to the company when they reports their transport activities depends on the country, but it might be the certificate only for one operation, for 3 or 6 months period, in some countries even for 12 months period. Information that should be provided to national authorities also depends on the country.

What documents should be kept in truck & company?

Documents that should be kept in truck are also not all cases the same, but in most frequently drivers have to have at least a Posting certificate or reference number of this document, an A1 form and a CMR document. In France the driver should also keep the work contract translated into French language. Other documents like tachograpgh’ records, payslips, proof of payments in most cases should be kept on the company’s premises.

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